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We understand the marketing challenges you’re facing as a small business. From SEO and websites to email marketing and more, we’ll help you build a digital marketing presence that converts your audience into your strongest customers.

Website Design

Want a unique, professional website without giving away your life savings? At MPC, we’ll create a custom, expertly-designed website from scratch that fits your budget. No cookie-cutter templates here. We’ll even include hosting and search engine optimization so you can get more bang for your marketing buck. 

Plus, we offer email, online listing, and social media account setup, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re establishing a foundation of long-term website success. 

Already have a website? No problem. We’ll take it off your plate and make it even better, no matter your current platform.

Social Media Management

If you’re looking for full-service social media management, we can help. Whether you need total management or something in between, we’ll create brand-aligned content that engages and grows your audience into loyal customers and your biggest fans.

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Search Engine Optimization

You can’t have a successful online presence without Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. With our help, SEO can become one of the most impactful tools for your business. After evaluating your current SEO rankings, we’ll create a customized plan to increase your brand’s presence with your ideal target audience. From there, we’ll continuously analyze and monitor your SEO metrics to ensure you’re achieving the search results your business needs to thrive.

Additional Services

Marketing Consulting

We’re your trusted small business marketing experts. Whether you need 1:1 consulting, team training, or an ongoing comprehensive support plan, we’ll help your organization develop savvy marketing solutions in no time.

Reputation Management

Your company’s online reputation matters more today than ever before. From Yelp to Google and more, your current and potential customers are being influenced by what they read about you in crowd-sourced review sites. Together, we’ll help you turn your online reviews into one of your most vital digital marketing assets so you can rise above your competitors.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective ways to get your brand in front of the right people. Yet it all starts with your email list. By partnering with us, we’ll help you capture the right information to transform your email list into a powerful resource and create a personalized email marketing strategy that amplifies the impact of your messaging.

Listings Management

Thousands of online directories play a crucial role in your digital marketing. Even if you’re unaware of these sites, they help your potential customers find your business. You don’t want to miss out on these leads with inaccurate listings. We’ll ensure your business has correct representation down to the smallest details on the most important directories.

Graphic Design

Graphic design sets the tone for your entire business. From logos and marketing materials to website graphics, your visual branding should connect with your target audience. Knowing this, we incorporate graphic design into several of our service packages so your company’s imagery supports your digital marketing goals.

what they’re saying

“MP Consulting was able to help me every step of the way in developing a great, professional website. Along the way Maddie made sure my vision was brought to life with my website and even helped with other forms of online presence. This was something that may (would) have never been accomplished without their help. They were patient, professional, and diligent during the entire process. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the process AND the outcome!”


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one-stop shop

no need to piecemeal your marketing strategy. Find affordability, efficiency, and better results by working with a company that does it all.

focused on local

we know how to make locally-owned businesses thrive. Even if you’re located in a different state, we can help your business succeed by focusing on getting you more customers in your community.


interested in diving into the nitty-gritty? Great! We love giving you a peek “under the hood” and sharing how we really get you results.

part of your team

we may be an outside firm but we act like your internal team. Add us to your systems and introduce us to your team because we’re ready to come on board!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which services are right for my business?

We offer service flexibility at MP Consulting, allowing you to choose what services work best for your goals and budget. If you’re unsure where to start, contact us and we’ll be glad to lend our expertise to discover your most pressing marketing needs.

How much input will I have in the website design process?

Your input and vision are both vital to the design and development of the website we create for you. And, you’ll always have the final say. We provide a discovery process to understand your wants and needs and build your website based on your goals. You’ll have several opportunities to provide feedback before your website goes live.

What’s your social media management process look like?

As a full-service social media provider, we can create all of your content, or we can work with the content you provide. We love to plan ahead, which means we’ll create your social media calendar a month in advance. Many of our clients prefer to offload their social media management to our team. If you’d rather stay involved, we’re glad to collaborate together as well.

So what exactly is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility based on relevant keywords used in search engines like Google, thereby leading to more website visits. If done well, SEO also enables more visits from the people you actually want to see your website—your current and future customers.

If I hire you for marketing consulting services, what should I expect?

We always take a collaborative approach as consultants, taking time to listen to your goals and understand your business’s needs and challenges. From there, we provide timely expertise, practical strategies, and a vital outside perspective to improve your marketing and grow your business. Desiring to work within your budget, we’ll be transparent with our consulting fees so there are never any surprises.

Does your reputation management include repairing a negative company image?

The short answer is—yes. When you own a small business, we understand that negative reviews and difficult experiences can happen. We’re experts at helping your business not only address and recover from a damaged image, but proactively build an enduring positive reputation as well.

How can you help our company’s email marketing efforts?

When you trust us with your email marketing, we create your entire email marketing strategy, including specific email sequences and one-off emails. We’ll write your marketing email content, schedule and send out emails to your audience, and analyze each email campaign’s effectiveness. Essentially, we’ll do it all for you!

Can you provide listings management if my business has multiple locations?

Of course! With our extensive experience in listings management, we ensure every location is accurately represented in relevant listings. We’re able to manage each location individually without decreasing the location’s visibility.

Do you offer brand kits as part of your graphic design services?

A brand kit is an important marketing tool that establishes your company’s personality, look, and feel. We can create an entire brand kit from scratch or improve your current brand kit. Regardless, you’ll have a brand kit that gives your business visual consistency and resonates with your customers.

Do you bundle your marketing services?

Yes! As a small business ourselves, we understand how you can have a variety of marketing needs on a limited budget. We provide a number of customizable marketing packages for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about the extra value you’ll get for bundling all your digital marketing needs with us.