Finding the right tools and software for small businesses can sometimes feel like a full time job.  Making sure the technology you choose checks all your boxes without costing too much is hard to achieve.  Most of the time we’re left wondering if there is something better out there…

With that being said, I am always searching for the best software to make my team’s daily tasks more efficient and in my research I’ve stumbled upon some real winners.  Below is a list of our favorite software for small businesses that we use everyday at MP Consulting and recommend to other small business owners!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links so if you decide to purchase the software through the link I may earn a commission. Please keep in mind that I am only sharing these companies because we use them and truly believe in them!


I came across Airtable through a recommendation from another small business.  Think of this software as a sexy google doc…  We use Airtable to organize all of our client’s information and to create and plan out their content calendars.

We really love this software because they have a free option that allows you almost full access to everything they have to offer.  They also allow for multiple user access which gives us the option to collaborate across our whole team!


We use a few different email platforms for our clients including Constant Contact and MailChimp; however, the one we decided on for our own emails is Flodesk.  While we could have gone for a free software like MailChimp, we love the simple and sleek user interface of Flodesk.

The monthly price is inexpensive and allows for unlimited subscribers so I never have to worry that I’ll be charged more if we are able to grow the number of subscribers we have.  They also have a few great looking templates allowing you to create emails that both match your branding and look amazing on all devices.


Managing a large number of social media platforms means we need a system that can handle everything we’re sharing.  While there are a lot of great options, we have not found a system that allows us to connect as many profiles for such an affordable cost.

The other reason we love Traject Social is the reporting capabilities.  We are able to see the progress of all of the accounts we run and have the option to download the data in case we want to dive a little deeper.

Unfortunately, the positives of the software’s affordability are balanced out with the negatives of the little bugs and software glitches we experience.  They have a great support team but we do find ourselves reaching out to them on a fairly regular basis.


We can’t say enough good things about this company!!  We’ve used Flywheel for our website hosting since we started.  They are a local Omaha, NE company whose sole focus is WordPress hosting.  Because they are so specific in their focus they are able to provide unparralled support when needed.

Everytime we need to contact support we are always connected with someone extremely helpful and knowledgable.  Because they are a small company too, we are often times routed to the same support specialists making the interactions we have that much more personal!


Due to the nature of how we bill our clients, we wanted to find a time tracking software that would be extremely easy to use (aka integrate with the other systems we use) and powerful enough to keep track of everything we need to.  Harvest fits that bill perfectly.

One of our favorite features Harvest has is the option to implement the time tracking option into our menu bar.  This makes it so easy to start and stop our timers for the different clients and projects we work on.  It also gives us the option to take notes which allows us to document exactly what we did for each client during the time we billed them.  Transparency is a large part of our business and Harvest allows us an easy way to provide that to our clients.