Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Affordable Custom Websites


We’ll build you a custom website without charging you a small fortune.  We don’t use templates or pre-made mockups.  Instead, our websites are built from scratch and custom designed.  Want to know the best part?  Hosting and Search Engine Optimization are included in all of our website packages.

In case you need additional help, we can also set up your email, your online listings, and your social media accounts as well.

Already have a website?  No problem.  We can jump in where you’ve left off – no matter what platform you’re working with.

Social Media Management


We offer full-service social media management solutions.  From content creation that aligns with your business’ brand and goals to developing, engaging, and growing your following, MP Consulting can own as much or as little of these elements as you need.

Social Media Management


Your company’s reputation extends further than word of mouth.  Thousands of directories exist online so your clients can share their opinions regarding their experiences with your business.  MP Consulting will work with you to create a strategy for asking for and responding to online reviews so your brand can stand out online.


Thousands of directories exist online to help people find your business. Even if you have never heard of these sites they play an important role in helping your business be found. We’ll make sure your business is listed and all the information is accurate.


Unlike other channels, you own your email list.  Growing this list and the information within it is a powerful asset.  Email is still an effective way to get your brand and your products in front of current and potential clients.  MP Consulting can help construct an email marketing strategy that works with your business and helps gauge the effectiveness of your messaging.


Quality graphic design fuels many of the aspects of your business.  From your marketing materials to your website’s graphics, the visual component of your business should capture your potential client’s attention.  We incorporate our Graphic Design services in many of our packages thus simplifying and expediting the project.


Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – is one of the most important facets of your business’ online presence.  MP Consulting will analyze your business’ current SEO rankings and create a plan to increase the number of times your brand appears in front of potential clients.  Education and reporting is part of the continuous process that we will engage in together to promote your SEO strategies and evaluate the overall impact on your business.

Affordable Marketing Consulting


Our backgrounds and experience uniquely position us to support your small business.  No matter what you need – 1 on 1 consulting, education materials, or a more comprehensive support plan, MP Consulting can help.

Affordable Marketing Consulting